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Macoun Apples

Pronounced “MacCowan” these little gems are the best eating apple on the market. Sweet and tart, firm and juicy, they are sadly only available for a very short season.

Jonathan Apples

Macoun apples were discovered in 1923 at New York’s Geneva Research Station. The apple was named for Canadian horticulturalist and fruit grower, W.T. Macoun, who oversaw two dozen experimental apple orchards across Canada at the turn of the century. The Macoun is a cross between the McIntosh and Jersey Black cultivars. The Jersey Black, also a dessert apple, lends it’s very dark, almost black skin, to the Macoun giving it a purplish tint.


Macouns are a delightful sweet apple with a delicate floral essence. They carry a slight tartness from their McIntosh lineage. When fresh from the tree, they offer a mouthwatering crunch.

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