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Cameo Apples

Cameo apples are a specialty variety grown for their unusual striping, crisp flesh, and sweet, subtly tart flavor

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Cameo apples have become a favored fresh-eating variety throughout England. Despite its American roots, Cameo apples have been planted in apple orchards across England, especially in Kent, and are harvested from December to May. English growers highly favor the variety for its firm, crisp nature, sweet flavor, and extended storage capabilities, allowing for a longer sales season. Cameo apples also won several tasting competitions against English apple varieties at the National Fruit Show in Kent. 


The bi-colored apples were discovered as a chance seedling in Washington State in 1987. Darrel D. Caudle, with his wife Marilynn M. Caudle, noticed the striped apples growing in a field of red delicious apples and selected the unusual fruits as a new variety. The apples were originally named Caudle apples and later Carousel apples and were propagated using grafting and budding techniques for several generations. The parentage of Cameo apples is unknown, but the fruits were found on a red delicious tree with nearby golden delicious trees acting as pollinators.

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