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Growing at Big Red

Get it while it's fresh!

The Big Red property stretches over 46 acres and is home to over 5000 fruit trees including apples, peaches, plums, and cherries. This spring we planted over 1000 new trees, with another 400 on order for Spring 2024!

We will be offering produce for sale in our Main Barn, as well as U-Pick this Fall.


We have 20 apple varieties and are planting our newest variety, EverCrisp, in spring 2023; it will be ready to enjoy in 3-5 years. For the current season, check out some more info about our current varieties below!

michigan apple varieties.jpg


Romeo is renowned for it's peaches, and ours are some of the juicest.

basket cherries.jpg


Michigan cherries straight from the source. We grow both Rainier and Black Cherries.



We grow a species called Bubblegum Plums, that smell and taste like the namesake candy!



Tart, juicy and plump! Our blackberries make for the perfect treat.

Produce Wholesale Packaging


Rows of Raspberry canes produce tons of tart berries perfect for snacking, baking and more.

Sunflower Field


Coming soon to the fields in 2024!

Pumpkin Harvest


Our pumpkin patch is being planted and should be ready for picking this fall!

Check out a map of the grounds!

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