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Jonamac Apples

The Jonamac apple has inherited traits from both its parents, but more closely resembles the McIntosh in appearance and flavor.

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Jonamac apples, as their name suggests, are a cross between the more well-known Jonathan and McIntosh apples. They are sometimes described as an earlier-season McIntosh, ripening slightly earlier in the fall. The Jonamac originated in the twentieth century from upstate New York. 


Jonamacs are primarily an eating apple. They are best eaten fresh out of hand, perhaps paired with cheddar cheese, peanut butter, or caramel. Slices turn brown after ten minutes or so. When cooked or baked, Jonamacs fall apart, and so do not make particularly good pie apples on their own. Jonamac apples bruise fairly easily and only store for about six weeks before the flavor and texture breaks down.

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