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Ida Red Apples

The name Ida Red is a tip of the hat to the state that it was developed in. The Ida Red is generally considered to be both sweetly tart and juicy. This is an apple that is great for eating fresh but also makes for the perfect old-fashioned goodness of baked apples because they will hold their shape while baking.

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Ida Red apples are from Moscow, Idaho, developed in 1942 by the University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station. It is a cross between a Jonathan apple and a Wagener apple. They are known for a non-uniform skin color including shades of red and green. It has white flesh and known to be tart and juicy.

Ida Red apples are famously known for their use in baked apples. The variety's fine-grained, dense flesh allows the fruits to hold their shape when heated, and the core is removed and filled with savory or sweet ingredients. Historically, baked apples have been cooked for centuries, and the earliest recorded recipe dates back to 1685 London in a cookbook titled "The Accomplisht Cook." Baked apple recipes were also written throughout the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe, and in 1832, these recipes began to appear in the United States. Idared apples can be stuffed with sweet fillings such as candied nuts, spices, and brown sugar

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