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Paula Red Apples

If you like tart apples, take a healthy bite of a Paula Red. It's one of our earliest varieties to be harvested, and the first taste of fall for many apple lovers.

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Paula Red apples were discovered as a chance seedling growing in an orchard in Sparta, a village within the county of Kent, Michigan. The apple’s parentage is unknown, but the variety was growing near a field of mcintosh apples, leading many pomologists to believe it may be one of the apple's parents. Paula Red apples were selected for propagation by grower Louis Arends in 1960 and were later released to the public in 1968.


Today Paula Red apples are an early-season variety favored throughout the Midwest and the Northeastern United States. The apples are not commercially cultivated due to their short shelf life, but they are popular in home gardens and among apple orchards in Michigan.

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